What our customers are saying...

The knee scooter enabled me to maintain complete personal independence and kept me actively involved with the family and community whilst maintaining a complete non weight-bearing regime for my left fractured ankle.

Peggy, Palmerston North

The scooter was of a size that fitted into all the types of Taxis that I used either in the boot or on the back seat and belted in. Within a week I was enabled by using the scooter to attend a function with greater ease than I could have when using crutches.

Maryanne, Tauranga

What a revolution!! I could zip around the house, put all my stuff for showering in the basket; ‘stand’ at the kitchen bench and move around the kitchen; with care I could steer it with one hand and carry something in the other; I could put washing on and by splitting the loads hang them out on the clothes line. I was able to go shopping and it was no problem if there was a distance from the car to the shops.

Claire, Wanganui

This is such a great piece of equipment and allowed me the mobility that I would never have obtained from crutches. As I live alone it enabled me to get around the house and do the basics simple tasks I would otherwise not have managed. Carrying food, drink, pens, books etc. even the washing. It also gave me the mobility to get out and meet people or do the shopping. I was the envy of many as I scooted around the local supermarket while others on crutches looked on.

Mel, Tauranga

I am just writing to let you know how great my experience with the knee scooter was. My neighbor saw me using it and asked how to get hold of one because their friend has also just ruptured an Achilles tendon. It was a life saver I was able to go out to the supermarket with a helper. The best thing was that I could get to the bench to make a drink and prepare a meal and then carry the meal. I could also get out to the washing line and hang a few things out. I was able to be independent inside the house and also get out for outings. I would highly recommend it!

Robyn, Auckland

I have had major foot operations over the past two years, requiring my foot to be encased in a plaster cast from toe to knee, for two months. The first year I struggled with crutches, having to anticipate every move before I took it, not fun! A friend told me of Tubular Equipment’s knee scooter which I hired for the duration of my second recuperation from foot surgery. I can’t begin to tell you the freedom I felt, being able to get around on my own and not relying on other people. Just making a cup of coffee and being able to carry it back to the table whenever I wanted was fantastic. The knee scooter was very, very easy to manoeuvre through doorways and turned with ease. It comes with a carry basket and a drinks holder on the front, so making dinner was a breeze. I just put what I wanted in the basket and took it to the bench and was able to prepare dinners.  It also enabled me to do my own housework, so I didn’t have to rely on anyone else to do it for me. My neighbor would pick me up to go to town, pop the knee scooter in the back of her car, and off we would go. Freedom!

Tracey, Te Aroha

The Tubular Knee Scooter was a saviour! I felt so debilitated with crutches on a day to day basis and managing with a 5 month baby and a 5 year old. But with the Knee Scooter life became easier, with hands free and less labour intensive for my shoulders and good leg. Also excellent to sit on and rest whilst out and about in the local village. It is a nifty, comfortable and compact design that is light and fast. Thank goodness I saw someone with one in Wellington the day after I tore my Achilles and immediately asked where she got it!

Claire, Wellington

Thanks for the Tubular Knee Scooter while I was recovering from a ruptured Achilles. It increased my mobility by a zillion percent. I went places with it, including the Abel Tasman National Park, which I could not have done on crutches and it gave me my hands back as well!

David, Mount Maunganui

I had the misfortune to break a bone in my ankle and tear my Achilles. But with the aid of the Tubular Knee Scooter, I have been able to continue to work, do most things around home and supermarket shop during the six months I have been out of action. I would definitely recommend a Tubular Knee Scooter for short or long term recovery for any lower leg injuries.

Kevin, Hamilton

My recent hireage of a Tubular Knee Scooter from Tubular Equipment was a real life saver. I was able to use the scooter for all my personal cares and being able to get out of the house was a real bonus. I recommend that any person who is going to have leg or ankle surgery get one of these before the surgery, or any person who has had an emergency problem below the knee must have one. The price of hireage is very reasonable. It’s easy to learn to use and it feels very safe.

Helen, Rotorua

I just want to let you know what a wonderful little helper the Tubular Knee Scooter is. My wife broke her ankle and was battling with a walker and crutches. We contacted ACC and asked them if they could hire a Tubular Knee Scooter which they did and what a help. It is amazing how good it helps her get around I just wanted to let you know. Keep up the good work, they are wonderful little helpers and work well.

Wayne, Hamilton

I recently had ankle surgery and was told I would be unable to weigh bear for 6 weeks and would need to use crutches for that time and possibly more. I contacted the staff at Tubular Equipment who were so helpful and they arranged to have the Tubular Knee Scooter couriered to me immediately. It arrived 99 percent assembled and only needed the front wheel locked in and the basket attached. Having the scooter changed everything for me and my family. I am able to go out shopping, attend appointments and socialise with ease, cook, iron and basically everything without putting any pressure on my ankle. The scooter is amazing, it feels completely stable and very safe, it lifts in and out of our vehicle easily and I can move around the house  and outside with absolute ease. I get so many comments about how fantastic it is. It has made my post-op recovery so much simpler and without disrupting my family. I love it and highly recommend it.

Jo, Havelock North

What a relief it is to be using one of your knee scooters. It arrived yesterday and it was easy to assemble. My husband and I are not very ‘handy’ so if we could work it out – anyone can! Brilliant!

Jane, Auckland